Ifi Heritage Center, Inc.

Wimauma Florida


Our mission is to bring black and indigenous people of color together through heritage, culture and education; to create an organization of support for all cultures, and to garner collective support to prevent the disappearance of Wimauma’s rich African-American history that is being threaten by the loss of our elders, the arrival of a new of under-served residents and new development.

We look forward to cultivating partnerships to stimulate economic empowerment for black and indigenous people of color in Wimauma and Southeast Hillsborough County through financial literacy, entrepreneurship training and mentorships. Ifi will listen and engage to foster individual self-esteem and community pride using historical examples of strength, cultural expression and art exhibits. Our Heritage Center will also host cultural performing art events that will shine a light and attract foot traffic to Wimauma, creating a sturdy tax base by stimulating economic growth of new and existing local businesses.


Ifi Heritage Center’s Vision is to build an 8000 square foot structure on a 3-acre lot in Wimauma. Our Center will service the community by housing an Art/ Exhibit Gallery and Performing Art theater. It will have training rooms for our financial literacy classes for the youth and entrepreneurship training to assist local small business become bankable and sustainable. We will partner with the financial service community to offer financial services seminars that will provide retirement guidance and estate planning. Ifi has had partnership conversations with local Banks and Affordable Home Builders to host first-time home buyer seminars to promote homeownership for the black and indigenous people of color and the under-serviced members of the community.

Our center will be a resource center for Ancestry Research and Biblical Knowledge and Resource Center. Rev. Dr. Shell has already started outreach to Harvard Divinity School with the hope of partnering with their world-renowned biblical research library system. We plan to bring this worldwide biblical research resource to Wimauma, FL. Dr. Shell will host her Preachers Club, which she established at Andover-Newton Theology Seminary, which provides young ministers a platform to practice and develop their public speaking and preaching skills. She will offer a theological ethic class and some basic ministerial training to help build healthy faith-based organizations. Ifi Heritage Center would like to partner to help kids transitioning out of the foster care system by providing scholarships, job training and self-esteem building through volunteering opportunities and mentorships.